Phone Photography Course

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Phone Photography Course

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This is 835 Creative's flagship eCourse and was created specifically for bloggers, creatives and entrepreneurs who want to invest in and improve their photography without having to invest in professional (and expensive!) photography equipment.

NOTE: This is similar to the full eCourse with the exception of videos. You'll receive the 80+ page workbook at a more affordable price point! Want the full package? Sign up for the full Phone Photography eCourse here!

You'll receive a zip file with a workbook, lessons and bonuses in PDF format. You'll need Adobe Acrobat or Preview (for Macs) to view the files.

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Are you ready to...

Kick dark, grainy images to the curb?
Finally nail your brand style on Instagram?
Create beautiful images for your blog anywhere, anytime?
Blow your readers away with professional quality photos... without buying ANY new equipment?

Well, hi! You've come to the right place.

Why is photography important for my blog or business?

Would you buy a product from any website without seeing a photo? Absolutely not!

Photography helps place your audience in the moment, to see themselves wearing the necklace off Etsy, trust that their calligrapher will create beautiful artwork for their wedding,  understand that you're an absolute pro in your niche.

So why would you not give your blog or biz the honor of absolutely gorgeous photography?


Why bloggers and entrepreneurs don't invest in photography:

1) They can't afford new equipment or hiring a pro

2) They don't know how to use a professional camera

3) They think words can do all the work of selling and creating trust with their audience


What if you could take beautiful, compelling images without buying any new equipment?

The secret is hidden in the device that's often the first thing you touch in the morning and the last thing you see when you go to bed. Your iPhone!

With the right training (hi, right here!), you can create those beautiful photos to sell your product or service. It's not years of photography school, it's not thousands of dollars in equipment.

It's knowing exactly how to use your iPhone and how to use your environment to your advantage and you'll learn all of the tips and tricks it takes to create professional-quality images with your mobile phone!


Here's what you get:

• Step-by-step eCourse checklist

• Seven lessons on creating beautiful photography

• 20+ page workbook for guided brainstorming, notes and accomplishments

• Brainstorming exercises to get to know how to visually represent your brand (and you!)

• Access to the best apps + programs for taking photos, editing and uploading to your social media

• Cheat sheets that include shopping lists, pocket guides and easy to follow lessons

• Dozens of photography ideas and subjects when you're stuck on what to shoot

• A photography challenge to help you put your newly minted skills in action (with a chance to win prizes!)

...And so much more with 80+ pages of juicy content, worksheets and more!


What will you learn by the end of this course?

• Top photography terms and theories

• How to make your photography engaging and visually appealing

• Who your audience is and how they respond to images

• How to find your unique photography style and how it relates to your brand

• Manually control your iPhone's camera settings through the native app and other apps

• The different ways and styles to best showcase your product and service

• Photography tools and props that don't cost a fortune

• Edit your photos to enhance your images quickly and easily

• The best apps and programs to edit your photos professionally

...And so much more!


This course is for you if you...

Want to create your own images, but don't feel you have the right equipment

Are tired of using stock images that don't quite represent your brand or blog

Want to post consistently on your social media, but feel you don't have enough content or ideas

Want to learn how to create the perfect Instagram photo - from flat lays and fashion portraits to products and food

Love taking photos with your iPhone, but feel the quality isn't quite up to par

Want to create a unique visual style to your photos that makes your brand instantly recognizable

Want to improve your sales through your photos (hello, Etsy shop owners!)

Think a professional photographer or equipment is out of your budget